• Start Level: Deity(1)
  • End Level: Deity(4)
  • Rates
    • Exp Rate: x20
    • Pet Exp Rate: x10
    • CP Rate x100
    • PvP Drop Rate: 100x
  • Maps
    • Dark Soul Cave 1st Floor
    • Dark Soul Cave 2nd Floor
    • Dark Soul Cave 3rd Floor
    • Dark Soul Cave 4th Floor
  • Ghos Valley Map Info
    • 6x Christmas Boss (Respawn Time 10 min.)
    • 1x Iceking Boss (Respawn Time 60 min.)
    • Drops; Ice King Box and Gift Box
  • You earn a pvpbox from the enemy you kill during pvp.

Note: We have started our work for 2.8 Version. We offer you the best and full of PK We strive to provide gaming experience. When our AutoPill tests are over in the coming days will be activated.

Chest Name Item List

Guild Event

It is an event aimed at bringing new members to your guilds and inviting new friends to our game.
Event operation is as follows.

Points are earned for 1 week from the activities of all Guild Members.

Each member earns 1 Point to Guild Points for 1 minute in the game.
Each member earns 100 Guild Points for each enemy he has killed.
Each member earns 1 Point of Guild Points for each creature he destroys.

The scores of all guild members are collected for 1 week and the total score is added to the "Guild Score" section.
Event end date
• 25.000 Cash Gifts are given to the Guild Leader who has the highest "Guild Score". By this cash guild leader
It can be spent to compensate the deficiencies of the guild members. We recommend you choose the best of your guild leader.

Daily Task Event

The daily task event operates as follows;
You are given some tasks to perform in the daily task.
• 2 hours (120min) Stay active in the game
• Destroy 1000 Creatures
• Destroy 20 enemies.
When you complete the tasks, you win 100Cash. While performing these tasks, by logging in to our site
You can follow the tasks from the Daily Mission Department. All tasks are reset each time you receive your gift. It can be done more than once a day. There is no limitation.